January 3, 2015

December scrap kit with Christin

Did your Christmas photoshoot go as planned this year ?? Let's just say that ours didn't, and here is the result. I have used the December scrap kit to showcase how my daughter decided to act out during our first attempt at a photoshoot... (Our christmas card ended up with no Santas on it.....)

I cut small and large strips of paper and adhered them sideways. The numbers are was the strip with the company info on the back. Glad many companies allow us some extra cool pieces that can easily be used like this.

Did you make a December album and/or have you started your Christmas layouts yet ??  I didn't do a December album this year, we don't have that many Christmas traditions to fill an entire album. And as you see I had some problem even getting pictures this year.  But it's a good way to show that not all pictures are perfect.

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